With the warmer weather, we start to think about outdoor furniture. It might be time to have it ready for longer days as daylight savings is here this weekend (sorry QLD)
If you have teak and wicker outdoor furniture here are some tips on cleaning – perhaps a good job to give the kids during school holidays?

  • Use a mild oil-base soap, such as Murphy Oil Soap, mixed with warm water.
  • For a do-it-yourself cleaning solution, mix 1⁄4 cup ammonia, 2 tablespoons white vinegar, and 1 quart warm water.
  • Commercial wood cleaners are often the most effective, but be sure to read directions carefully. Wicker and painted woods might require diluting the solution.
  • For hard woods, consider annually sanding and applying a fresh coat of protective finish, such as oil, stain, or a polyurethane coating.
  • Hose down wicker every few weeks to prevent dirt buildup in crevices.
  • Regularly wiping down wood to remove dirt, debris, and excess water is the best way to protect it